I will never forget being a 5 year old girl lying in my bedroom, with my sister in her bedroom beside me singing this song to me over and over again. Whenever she finished singing, I would say, “Sing it Again Trishy, Sing it Again” and so she did.

Listening to the words of this song over 20 years later brings tears to my eyes because at age 5 I realized the importance of the song and what it truly meant.

I am my own hero, I have to save myself from whatever it is that I want to be “saved” from. The way I see this song now is to create my dream live and live it, to “save myself” from going down a road filled with fear and dislikes. To be my own best friend and do whatever I need to do to be happy with myself and my life.

For this weeks challenge, I would like to invite you to be your own hero, in whatever way that looks like for you.

Maybe its standing up for yourself if someone puts your down, maybe its saying no when someone asks you to come out and you know you need to get a good nights sleep because your tired, maybe its something as simply as drinking more water to hydrate your body and “save” it. Whatever it is – listen to these words and believe them, because a hero is inside of you.