FIRST OFF – Did you know that your brain is 90% water!?!

Your body is about 70% water, the majority of your blood and every cell in your body is composed of water.

Therefore, it is no kidding that you need water to function properly!

As with most things, the amount of water for each person is very individual, but if your pee isn’t mostly clear or you have headaches, back aches, muscle pains  – you most likely aren’t getting enough H2O.

Some suggest 8 (8 oz) glasses a day while others suggest take your body weight (in pounds), divide it in half and drink that many ounces.

A lot of people don’t like drinking water because they don’t like the “nothing” taste. Don’t let this be the reason as to why you are not hydrating your body and brain!

Instead add a squirt of lemon, a squeeze of lime, a few sprigs of fresh mint, orange, blueberries or cucumber for flavor. Today’s blog is a bit different than other blogs I have written, but I wanted to give you some important info about water. Click here to learn how drinking water is so valuable for your health!

Here Are Some Top Benefits of Drinking Water

1. Water Will Help To Increase Your Energy & Relieves Fatigue

Remember, since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. Also, energy levels are also boosted.

2. Water Will Help Flush Out Toxins

Water will help get rid of waste through your sweat and urination, which reduces the risk of UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and kidney stones.

3. Water Will Help Improves Skin Complexion

Water moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. It also helps eliminate wrinkles.

4. Water Helps Regulate Your Digestion

Water aids in digestion, as it is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.

5. Water Helps Boost Your Immune System

By drinking plenty of water it helps fight against cancer, the flu and other ailments like heart attacks.

6. Water Is A Natural Headache Remedy

Water helps relieve and prevent headaches, as well as migraines and back pains, which are commonly caused by dehydration.

7. Water Prevents Cramps & Sprains

Did you know that by being properly hydrated it will help keep your joints lubricated and your muscles be more elastic, so joint pain is less likely.


By drinking water you will not only save money because it is free but when your body is functioning at its best – through begin hydrated – it will positively affect your mood – so not only will your wallet be happy but your body will be too!

So now that we know why water is good for you – you may be asking what is the difference between the different types of water out there. Below you will find a brief breakdown of the differences of water…

The Breakdown On Water

Regular Water

As you just learned water is the best thing to drink to stay hydrated. Depending on its source it contains a varying amounts of minerals.

It is important to note that our tap water without filtration isn’t necessarily the best choice for us – if you have the option buy a Santevia filtered system, as it mineralizes and alkalizes the water you drink, which means your body will be more alkalized. This is a positive thing because a lot of food we eat is acidic so its good to balance out your PH levels. To learn more about this go to  – remember this is only one option.

Bottled Water

Also it is important to note that bottled water is kept in plastic, so the plastic molecules can seep into the water. I am telling you this NOT to be scared of bottled water but if there is the option to have filtered water choose that over water in plastic bottles.

Benefits of Drinking Water

Water is necessary for survival and plays a role in regulating body temperature, removing waste and lubricating joints. Water is lost on a daily basis through normal bodily functions including sweating, going to the bathroom and breathing.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is also known as seltzer or carbonated water.

Carbon dioxide is added to regular water to create the bubbles in sparkling water. (When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, small amounts of carbonic acid are formed, making the water slightly more acidic. )

This is the same process used to create the fizz in soda. Sparkling water is calorie free and does not contain artificial sweeteners or additives, according to the Carbonated Seltzer Water website.

In addition to being a source of hydration, carbonated water has other health benefits. A 2004 study published in The Journal of Nutrition by Stefanie Schoppen investigated the effects of carbonated water on cardiovascular risk in post-menopausal women. The women were asked to drink one liter of regular water per day for two months and then one liter of carbonated water per day for two months. After drinking the carbonated water, the women had a 6.8 percent drop in total cholesterol, a 14.8 percent drop in LDL cholesterol and a 14.8 percent increase in HDL cholesterol.

To sum up, although soda and other carbonated beverages have been associated with negative effects, carbonation is not harmful in and of itself. Drinking carbonated water offers the same benefits as drinking plain water.

Paula’s Belief On This!

The most important thing to remember in this is that even though there are “better” options when it comes to water – the important thing to remember is not to be scared to drink the “less than ideal” kind of water. Just like with eating it is better to eat anything than to eat nothing at all. It is better to drink any kind of water than to drink no water at all!




Paula Galli, Motivational Coach, Nutritional Counsellor & Self-Esteem Expert