Kyla Kremblewski

How to feel Ten-Feet-Tall

Naturopathic Manipulation (or “Naturopathic Adjustment”) is a treatment generally used to address physical pain and discomfort. In our active (or sometimes sedentary) lives, there is a lot of stress put on the body. Whether it’s sitting hunched over at a desk for hours, chronic tension from repetitive exercise, sleeping in an awkward position (because your partner likes to sprawl out while they sleep), or spending all day on your feet, the integrity of our posture becomes compromised. This can cause small aches and pains that we may have come to accept as part of our lives, or it can lead to serious injury. Naturopathic adjustments are a way to provide immediate relief of pain (ex. adjusting a displaced rib back into place), prevent any further harm to your spine, and allow you to stand up confidently and feel good in your unique body.

So what does the treatment entail? A patient is first examined based on their posture from head to toe, and then the vertebrae of the spine are assessed, both individually in relation to each other and as one mobile system, in order to evaluate their alignment. From there, specific and safe techniques of adjusting the body are used (similar to what chiropractors do), and you may here a “cracking” sound, often indicating that the area has been reset back into place. As a result, there is an alleviation of pain and associated strain on the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments. Although the noise may be intimidating at first, it is a very safe procedure and each adjustment is very specific to the area of the spine that is ‘out of balance’. The treatment takes minutes, and you will stand up feeling ten-feet-tall and completely rejuvenated!

How do you know its working? Some patients experience immediate relief, others may be suffering from chronic pain and greatly improve over time, and others experience overall health benefits. Because the spine is so intricately connected to our organs and nervous system, many patients happily report decreased stress, improved digestion, improved sleep and energy, better posture and athletic ability, a boost in confidence, etc. Keep in mind that besides the physical benefits, naturopathic adjustments also help to relieve mental-emotional angst, as our body often stores this type of stress in a variety of ways. Where do you hold your stress? Shoulders? Neck? Lower back? Once patients become aware of this and we are able to address the area, it is easier to put emphasis on releasing tension from your “stress spot”.

Why visit an ND for this treatment? Many patients (often those who don’t have any physical complaints or injuries) simply find the treatment to be relaxing and beneficial for their overall well-being. The advantage of seeing a Naturopathic doctor is that you are provided with adjunctive therapies to support the body’s healing process, such as; nutritional counselling and proper supplementation, acupuncture treatments, exercise therapy, associated cleansing, weight loss and detox plans, massage, hydrotherapy and more! ND’s are also thoroughly trained in diagnosis, lab testing and imaging referrals in order to safely assess whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. Come in and see if Naturopathic adjustments are right for you!

In health and happiness,

Dr. Kremblewski