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You know that nagging feeling, that if you just had that one illusive “secret” to unlock the door to your OWN “innate” healing powers, that you would finally drop the pounds, you’d drop the fake ‘happy mask’ and move into REAL HONEST HEALTH AND HAPPINESS.

This is about REAL health and life long vitality. No more fads, schemes and diet BS.

We know deep down that much of what we think we know about nutrition, fitness and health is just plain wrong.

That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Dr. Kellee Rutley’s virtual event. She’s brought together over 21 amazing POWERHOUSE experts to help take away the guilt, shame and confusion around obstacles to weight loss and health – and replace them with powerful ideas that work. It’s all the information you’ve wanted, needed and looked for, all in one place.

We are Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Psychologists, New York Times and Hay House authors, Celebrity Chefs, Master Trainers and coaches. We’ve had our own issues with weight and health– and our personal stories reflect that. Together, we’ll reach optimal health, vitality and happiness!

Join us.

Introducing the Mindful Eating Conscious Living Virtual Summit, hosted by Dr. Kellee Rutley

21 Experts Reveal the Secrets to True Health and Life Long Vitality

“Live Your Best Life with Dr. Kellee Rutley”

This 21-day Virtual Event begins on July 21st

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Sending Lots Of Love To Yourself, Your Body, The Food That You Eat & Your Life!!!!!


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