1Yesterday my friends of over 20 years threw me a beautiful baby shower!

It was a lovely day filled with laughter, fun, love and excitement.

I honestly felt like the most special person in the world, as the room was filled with important friends from all walks of my life. 

I am so grateful to know that my baby girl is going to be supported by such wonderful strong women in her life.

Being almost 34 weeks pregnant my body has surely undergone a huge change! 

I always think about how this experience would have been drastically different had I not learned to truly love myself, my body, the food that I eat and my life. 

As this month is dedicated to LOVING YOUR BODY, I wanted to take today to share with you a little poem that I wrote a while back through watching my body shift into the beautiful baby making machine it has become today! 

My body is no longer just my body, but the home of a little baby girl.

My body is no longer just my body, as it changes with it’s new arrival.

My body is no longer just my body, as it will soon be able to provide food to another through my breasts.

My body is no longer just my body, as my heart beats much more fast.

My body is no longer my body, where shape, size and looks are not my concern.

I don’t care about being that size or number or how many calories I burn.

My body is no longer my body where ridicule & self-judgement lies.

My body has truly now become that temple that I used to always long to see through those eyes.

My body is no longer just my body, as it is up to much bigger things that I even understand.

My body is no longer just my body, as a miracle is happening inside it until the end.

It stretches and expands, yet it does so all on its own.

It knows what I need to do in order to grow stronger and protect this baby girl from harm. 

My body does what it is intended to do

Because my body is no longer just my body, for inside resides a beautiful blessing

– a gift, an angel, a baby boo. 

I encourage everyone to truly love their body for what it is today. Whether you are pregnant or not, work on appreciating your body for all of the amazing things it does for you without you even asking for it to.

Once you and your body can TRULY become friends, I can guarantee you that your entire life will shift.

Hope you enjoyed the poem – so grateful to share some of my special day and insights with you!