I am a girl who absolutely loves dancing, singing, pretending I’m in an all girl group with my friends
(or when I am alone in front of the mirror) – like I have done since I was 11 years old!).


I love being in nature, walking by the water, riding my bike, being on boat rides & swimming.

I love spending time and connecting with my family and friends. I could write pages about why they are all so awesome and great, but rather then doing that, just take my word for it, they are! I am so blessed and fortunate to have them in my life.



I love travelling and exploring the world. Embracing myself in different cultures and to be quite honest, people watching. The influence on individuals, based on the environment, culture, society, generation and geographical location fascinates me.


From Whitsunday Sailing in Australia, to volunteering with Elephants in Thailand where I was able to feed and bath them (see pictures and videos below!), to living in a legit tree house in the jungle of Laos, exploring this beautiful planet that we live on is one of my passions.


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I am currently living in Odense, Denmark with my two loves aka my two Ry-guys, Ryan and Riley (my boyfriend & dog!). The two of them bring me so much joy and pleasure as we travel around the world exploring new spots, by spending quality time at home in Toronto, or up at our cottage in Muskoka.  


I also love food. Chocolate, pizza, an awesome bowl of soup or stew, a wicked sandwich and my Dad’s and Nonna’s homemade anything really (especially their pasta sauce and my Nonna’s zucchini lasagna), make my insides smile.


Though I should admit this unattached pure pleasure and respect for food, wasn’t something I always embodied.



From the young age of 10 my struggle between eating for pleasure and eating what I figured was “right in order to be skinny” was something that occupied my mind on an hourly basis.



In my teens this preoccupation with food, got extremely intertwined with my self-esteem, self-worth and self-identity. My appearance, in particular with the shape and size of my body, was something that I was highly insecure and worried about, which only further affected my relationship with food.



In my late teens and early twenties, I developed a restrict, binge, purge relationship with food, depression and anxiety. 





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