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The #1 yoga pose you need for 2014

There are thousands of yoga poses to focus on for 2014 but there is one that stands out as my ultimate favorite. In fact, a personal home practice of mine never ends without it. It’s not the most flashy, pretty or glamorous but it brings with it massive results.


Enter, seated meditation. 

Here is why:

  1. Your yoga practice will help you feel grounded and calm. It will clear the clutter and leave you feeling rinsed and rejuvenated. Adding a brief 2-7 minute seated meditation to the end of your practice is the cherry on top because your adding even more ease. The longer we practice ease, the more it sticks.
  2. Meditation is hard! If your new to meditation and you attempt trying it first thing in the morning or after a long day at work you can probably agree the first few minutes are incredibly challenging. It’s because your not grounded… yet. Therefore, if you practice yoga first and then meditate at the end, it is much easier to sink into your bliss.
  3. Meditation is the quickest way to presence ourselves to internal blocks. By internal blocks I mean access thinking, worry, fear, stress, insecurities and more. By paying attention to what comes up, with no attachment to any of the craziness your mind screams, you will be able to take a breathe and release the fearful stuck energy. A newbie meditator may find it overwhelming but remember, patience and time are key. A sense of humor helps too! No need to be a perfect meditator – try adding “perfectly imperfect” to your resume.
  4. Meditation at the end of your practice will teach you to bring positive intentions into your day, your sleep, your workplace and in relationships. Try finishing your meditation by thinking about how you want to rock your day, how you want to feel and how you want to treat others.

How to do it:

Sit in a comfortable space with an optional yoga block or pillow under your hips. I love using comfy home throw pillows which provide some height for my pelvis. Sit cross legged and keep your feet actively rooting down into the floor, especially the pinky toes edges which have the most contact. Close your eyes, extend your breast bone up towards the ceiling and breathe deeply. Simply notice sounds in the room, notice sensation in your body (the hands always tingle if you pay attention to them), notice colours or shapes you observe with your eyes closed. Keep it simple. Your heart might be beating from your yoga practice – notice it. Your sole intention is to turn inward and connect, which most often is simply learning to listen generously to your body. It will tell you exactly what it needs.

Happy meditating!

Geralyn xx