Hello! How great do you feel? How did the 3-Step strategy work for you? You must be thinking much more positively about yourself! I know it has helped me a great deal whenever I start something new or don’t feel confident in myself about something. So congratulations for beginning to retrain your thoughts! It is a long process, I won’t deny that, but the fact that you have only begun, is quite the accomplishment! Way to go!

Want a nice butt? This week, I will be teaching you how to SQUAT! Learning the proper form to any exercise is imperative to what you will actually get out of the exercise.  You want to get the most out of all the work that you put in!


Stance: Feet should be hip-width apart

Weight distribution: Fully throughout the bottom of your feet


–       Pretend you are sitting BACK into a chair.

–       Your knees should never move in front/over your toes.  Avoid injury by keeping your knees stable in one place.

–       You are going to sit back until your knees are at a 90 degree angle.

–       From the sitting position, you are going to push up through your HEELS back into the standing position.

–       Repeat!

Sets / Repetitions:

Beginners: 3 sets / 12 reps each (no weight)

Pros: 3 sets / 12 reps (You can figure out your weight by doing the reps. You should be tired by your 7th rep.  You should almost feel to the point of exhaustion at your last few reps of your last set!)


–       Place a weighted plate under your heels. This will stop the feeling of falling backwards

–       Use your arms and you squat backwards to bring some weight to the front of your body.  This also stops the feeling of falling backwards.

–       Place a chair behind you and practice sitting back into the chair and getting up without the use of your arms

Coles Notes:

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart
  • Sit back into your invisible chair
  • NEVER let your knees creep in front of your toes to avoid knee injury
  • Knees to a 90 degree angle
  • Push up through your heels

Here is a 30-Day SQUAT CHALLENGE!

Day 1 50 squats Day 16 Rest
Day 2 55 squats Day 17 150 squats
Day 3 60 squats Day 18 155 squats
Day 4 Rest Day 19 160 squats
Day 5 70 squats Day 20 Rest
Day 6 75 squats Day 21 180 squats
Day 7 80 squats Day 22 185 squats
Day 8 Rest Day 23 190 squats
Day 9 100 squats Day 24 Rest
Day 10 105 squats Day 25 220 squats
Day 11 110 squats Day 26 225 squats
Day 12 Rest Day 27 230 squats
Day 13 130 squats Day 28 Rest
Day 14 135 squats Day 29 240 squats
Day 15 140 squats Day 30 250 squats


I dare you to try it! I dare you to make your dream butt come true!!!!



Happy Squatting!!