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Listening to others’ dreams and issues while helping them find solutions to heal is something I have been doing my entire life. Guiding others to set goals for themselves and their lives, while inspiring them to pursue their dreams, has not only been a natural ability of mine, but something I thoroughly enjoy.

For years, I debated whether I should pursue a Masters degree in Counseling. I even got accepted into graduate school, but declined my acceptance because I knew my education in Psychology, Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Reiki, along with my innate ability and passion to help people, would thoroughly enable me to help others.

I believe that learning how to love your life comes from having the foundation of truly loving yourself inside and out. With that being said, I believe that your relationship with your body and food plays a tremendous part in learning how to truly love to life your life.

One of my specialties is with helping individuals overcome emotional eating, binge eating, eating disorders, disordered eating or for those who just who know their relationship with food is not what they want it to be. Helping individuals transform their relationship with food, and fall in love with themselves, their bodies and their lives, initially stemmed from my own personal experience. You can read more about this, in my about page.

My intention is to be a supportive foundation for you and your life.

To push you when you want to be pushed
To challenge you when you would benefit from being challenged
To remind you of your greatness when you forget
To believe in you when you doubt yourself
To help you create a positive relationship with the food that you eat and your body
To support you in proclaiming, planning, preforming and accomplishing your dreams
To lead you to truly trust, accept, love and know yourself
To embrace your authentic self
To confidently speak your truth
To guide you to love to live your life



Location is never an issue. The phone and skype have become my primary means of working with clients, which allows me to work globally, 24/7. This also allows you, the client, to speak with me where you feel most comfortable – at home!

For those of you located in Toronto, I offer face-to-face meetings as well. 

I DO NOT believe in a one size fits all ANYTHING!

That is why I currently offer private coaching to suit your individual needs. Click here to learn more.