ali picture“I wasn’t really “searching” for a coach, but I knew that I had issues that I needed to deal with. The opportunity to work with Paula just sort of appeared and I was at a point in my life when it was the right time to deal with the issues I was running from. I had a lot of problems that I wanted solutions for, yet the main issues that I needed to work on was loving myself. Once that happened all the problems were easily dealt with. I was living my life in a state of fear, I had repressed emotions for so long because I was afraid to be seen as vulnerable. I wanted to get back to being open and loving and I wanted to live my life in a state of love, not fear.

Paula is so easy to talk to, I never felt like I was being judged, pushed or questioned in the feelings I was feeling. Knowing the struggles that she had and feeling her energy and her growth was inspiring to me and made me want to keep talking to her. Paula pushed me out of my comfort zone and she wasn’t afraid to be tough with me which was exactly what I needed.

The feeling that I have about my whole experience with Paula are gratitude and love! I couldn’t be more thankful that she came into my life when she did. I have grown so much and don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t come to Paula when I did.”

– Ali Barker, 26, Student 

jaya“I had started seeing Paula in early 2013. At the time, I was going through depression due to a series of events, including lack of job, relationship issues and overall low self worth. I had known Paula previously, so when I saw her post on Facebook talking about life coaching I knew I had to reach out and get help.

Every time I saw Paula for a session I felt a little better. She was always kind, patient and caring – I felt like I could tell her anything and she wouldn’t judge me.

After a few months my overall attitude and confidence started to improve and I saw the value of my life and my self worth. I highly recommend Paula if you are in need of this as well!”

– Jaya Naraine, 27, Works In the Television Industry 

“I began seeing Paula for some guidance regarding some personal struggles with past relationships as well as issues with self perception and disordered eating. In the little time I spent with her, she has provided me with support and tools to not only cope with my issues but ways to heal myself from the inside out.

Paula is a genuine and trustworthy individual who has helped in my self development and given me awareness that allows me to finally be comfortable in my own skin. She has definitely helped me to empower myself to be more proactive in my healing process.”

– Christina Eng, 28, Nurse

kartika“My 6 month period with Paula was a blessing from the very first step. After getting laid off, struggling to find my footing in a new relationship, 16 years of body issues, and no clarity or balance in sight, Paula took me on with arms wide open. She brought me in to a place of light and love, and taught me how to be kind and stay authentic to myself, and with that everything started to fall into place.

With her guidance and tools, I started setting goals, decoding feelings, and speaking up for myself, although uncomfortable at times, you could image the accomplishment I started to feel when my goals started materializing from these small steps within only 6 months! 

Paula became my shoulder to cry on, the voice in my head that replaced my ego, a sounding board, and an amazing friend. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me and I am so excited to continue our relationship together for years to come.”

– Karthika Jeyamohan, 28, Owner & Principal Planner at Koral Lane Events 

“Throughout our lives we can go through roller coaster rides of failure and success. Last year, in my early fifties, I found myself in a debilitating rut struggling with how to get my life back on track.

The opportunity to get help and work became possible through my life coaching sessions with Paula. In our sessions together we worked through issues and problems that were holding me back. Paula also provided me with excellent tools, exercises, suggestions and resources that allowed me to move forward and start living a better life. Paula shares her infectious high-energy and positive attitude which in turn helps you bring out the best in yourself. I have and will continue to recommend Paula’s services.”

.- Beverly Malcolm, 54, Interior Designer 

jessica pic“I met Paula when I was struggling with my career, finances and my relationships were in turmoil. In the span of 4 months I had gained 25 pounds and was desperate for another diet/ nutrition plan that would help me loose the weight fast.  I had this life long impression that having the “ideal body” would bring me happiness.

To my surprise nutrition was the last thing Paula and I talked about. Instead Paula’s guidance helped me to tackle my life’s obstacles by helping me to build the courage to face my internal issues that were causing changes in my body. Acquiring and implementing Paula’s knowledge and tools of self-love and genuine self-acceptance has changed my life. It was the starting point of my self-healing.

Her work with me has helped me focus on my true desires while keeping me grounded in the reality of life. Paula’s coaching is a gift. Her relationship with me is a big part of my continued growth and success.”

– Miss David, 31, Singer & Songwriter 

leandra“Paula, it is because of you that I am living my life by my dreams and goals, from a place of strength instead of fear. Thank-you for giving me the courage to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and for always believing in me and seeing what I could not. You have given me strength, courage and confidence to live a life I love. You are such an inspiration and I am forever grateful to have you in my life.”

 – Leandra Antonutti, 24, Yoga Teacher

In a nut shell, all I can say is that Paula helped change my life! Through her optimism, passion and genuine desire to help those around her live amazing lives, she opened my eyes to the person I was being. I was living my life as ‘by-stander’, who didn’t want to make decisions, because then I would have to live with the consequences. She help me realize the potential I was wasting, living in fear.

From there on Paula held me accountable for who I was being and who I wanted to become. Paula is more than just a coach, she is a friend. She is a completely authentic individual and a stand for you no matter where you are in your life. She is one of the most patient people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and makes just about everything and anything seem possible. She is inspiring, motivational, and truly a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you Paula for believing in me, and supporting me on my journey to become…ME!”

– Pamela Evans, 27, Teacher

“I first reached out to Paula when I had a lot of change going on in my life, I had ended a long relationship and come to the realization I was miserable in my job, all within a couple of months – and I had no idea what I wanted anymore or who I was. I remember reading Paula’s bio on the elements website and thought this is exactly the person who is going to help me dig myself out of this hole.

From my first session with Paula I knew I made the right choice as she got me back on track with goal setting and practicing self love. I begun to tune back into my feelings and started to make the changes I needed to get the life I wanted. I am happy to say that so much of my vision I created whilst seeing Paula, has come to fruition and I still refer to the tools she taught me when I’m feeling ‘stuck.’

I more than recommend talking with Paula should you be facing any of life’s road blocks, her compassion and thoughtful understanding mixed with proactive ‘homework’ realigns you, in ways I can’t even describe through text. She’s simply fabulous.” 

– Bianca Jade Dennison, 31, Personal Assistant/Studying Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)

“I truly don’t know where to begin to describe how inspirational Paula’s life coaching sessions have been to me. I’d like to think I went into my first session with an open mind, but to be honest, I did not know what to expect from it. Paula, however, was able to create such a warm and trusting rapport, that I felt open to sharing such personal thoughts and goals with her.

What impressed me most about my sessions with Paula was her ability to judge my level of honesty with her. She sensed if I was holding back and was able to encourage me to push through the discomfort I may have been feeling due to the nature of the discussion. I have learned strategies and new ways of thinking that have resonated with me to this day that I believe have brought me several steps closer to success. Being such an inspirational individual, Paula is truly fit for the job.”

– Christine Stogios, 28, Teacher

lisa circle“The first time Paula coached me, I did not even know that I was being coached. She helped realize my dreams, face my fears and get through some of the hardest times in my life by simply having a friendly conversation with me. I walked away from that with a whole new perspective on my life, realizing that the only thing standing in my way was myself.

I’ve lived my entire life defining who I was by the company I kept and the relationships I made, and not focusing on me. Paula helped me realize that I need to live for me first and others second because when those relationships fall apart you need to be able to pick yourself up if no one else is there. Through her coaching and blog, Paula has helped me attain so many of my goals. I am currently teaching English in Korea and Paula helped me get there. For the first time in my life I can truly say that I am living for me and doing what truly makes me happy. She is an inspiration and has left a lasting mark on me.”

– Lisa Persaud, 24, English Teacher 

“Paula gave me the courage to follow my true passions in life and coached me to set goals that would allow me to achieve them. Because of Paula’s coaching I was able to stare fear and the possibility of failure in the face, and laugh.

Paula helped me understand that failure is great and that without it one cannot succeed. Fail fast and often and as a result continue to push forward and be successful. Paula’s coaching is the reason I started Spently and it has lead me in the right direction from the creation of a business plan, to raising $200,000 in financing, to assembling a highly talented team, and launching Spently. Thanks to Paula I am living my dream as a successful entrepreneur.”

– Nicholas Wiktorczyk, 27, Co-Founder of Spently 

sar“I started seeing Paula a year ago and it’s difficult to put into words how much of a positive impact she has made on my life. I have struggled with eating and body image issues, as well as anxiety, for as long as I can remember. Paula gave me the tools necessary to start to finally accept myself for who I am as a person.

With her help, I slowly transformed into a happier, positive person. I never felt that anything was too small or too large to talk about.

Paula helped me break down everything into smaller goals that made daunting tasks turn into simple ones. Paula became more than a life coach to me- she became my friend. I will be forever thankful for everything that she has done for me.”

Sarah DeCaria, 27, Administrative 

“From the moment I casually mentioned the lack of sleep I’ve been getting, Paula got right into my world. She knew there was someone BIG inside just waiting to get out, someone who had been hurt badly but was just aching to get past it. She gave me tricks, listened to me cry, helped me work out all the things that were holding me back, all while sharing the inspiring things she had been through.

Paula knew who I could be and held me to THAT standard. There were times I hated her, and it was NEVER a pleasant experience, but all the hard work brought out a woman who has a voice, who is big in the world and who makes a difference. I will forever be grateful for the support and love Paula showed me through some of the biggest transitions in my life.”

– Elle, 24, Student 

ashley pic copy“Paula was my life coach for 3 brilliant months. It was like I had a guardian angel looking out for me the whole time.

Paula is incredibly gifted. She’s helped me so much, with everything from relationship issues, to organization tactics. She was a always a constant support when things were bad, and a bubbly beckon of sunshine when things were good.

Paula is extremely professional and compassionate with all the tenacity needed in today’s go go society. I highly recommend the services of Paula Galli. you will not be disappointed.”

– Ashley McIntyre, 25, Life Coach & Counsellor 

“I read about Paula on a Toronto blog, ordered her book off Amazon, read it, reached out to her for support, and I’ve never looked back since! Paula is incredible! She has an open, honest, empathetic heart and is an amazing listener. She has helped me in a way I could have never imagined – giving me the tools I need to build my confidence and live my most authentic life.

Paula has helped me work through various aspects of my life and I finally feel at peace with things I had spent years worrying about. From working with Paula I have seen positive changes in myself such as an improving body image, relationship with food, and overall confidence.

As I continue to work on what Paula has taught me, I see myself more and more living in the present moment, and less in the past/future. I am so grateful for Paula, and I know I can count on her if I need to reach out again in the future!”

Andrea Lewis, 29, Registered Nurse

“Around the worst time of my life, I was struggling for so long and my past was catching up to me as well as so much emotions, scars and issues. The opportunity to get help came one day when Paula came as a guest speaker in my last year of high school. When I talked to her that day, I knew that she was the one who could help me because I had this strong feeling within me, pushing me to try getting help from her. I never regretted that decision since.

Paula is a great woman who could easily relate to some of the issues I was having and that was one of the reasons why I was comfortable talking to her. She was also supportive, encouraging, great listener and friendly. She helped me heal the past that held me back, then focus on the present to take care of myself, and then plan for the future. The methods she knew helped me a lot. She was the main reason that helped me heal and turn my life around.

Now over two years later, I’m happy where I am. I’m learning more every day about myself and I’m still growing. Paula, you made a big difference in my life, thank you so much for being there to help me. I’m so glad I met you that day. I hope one day I can make a difference in someone’s life as you did in mine.”

     – Agata Kurek, 20, Student


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