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Weight Loss Coach and friend of mine, Nicole Kellerman, talk about ways to help emotional eating, have positive weight loss if needed and how to change your relationship with food once and for all.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this video – so click play to below to watch the video now! 

Also, make sure to check out Nichole’s Wildly Alive Quiz.

This quiz isn’t your ordinary quiz.

With Nichole’s 10 years in the health and fitness field and personally working with 200+ women she found there were three types of clients and they all were sabotaging their weight loss in their own special and unique way.

In this quiz you’ll learn, which Wildly Alive woman you are, what you Wildly Alive strength is, how you’re sabotaging yourself, and a step-by-step guide on how to lose weight with your own gifts and talents (so weight loss can feel easy.)

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Want to know more about Nicole?

Nichole Kellerman wants to live in a world where women actually enjoy the process of losing weight + connecting with their bodies.

As a weight loss coach, she’s been featured on major websites like The Well Grounded Life, Your Great Life TV and The Greatest.

When she’s not fearlessly (but lovingly) pushing her clients into a lifestyle they dream of, you can find her laughing with friends, connecting with nature and loving up on her boyfriend and two dogs.

Her business Wildly Alive Weight Loss is for women who want to stop dieting, re-frame their minds so they can reshape their bodies. Her teachings are like nothing you’ve ever heard.

Discover how you can lose weight by living wildly at


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