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So in today’s blog I wanted to talk about what you are REALLY scared of.

What I mean by this is that often times our relationship with food and our weight is sitting on a big pile of fear.

When we are not happy with our weight, we can use food to keep us unhappy with that weight. ED does this through continuing to sabotage ourselves by automatically choosing foods that
keep us living inside of that weight. Essentially, inside of a body that we do not feel comfortable being in.

In particular, I am speaking to those of you who ED’s causes you to overeat or eat too much.

This way of being actually serves a purpose and that purpose is the mentality derived from common thoughts such as:

  • “I will do ____X____ – when I lose the weight”
  • “I will go for that job/dance class etc when I lose the weight”
  • “I will start working out when I lose a bit of weight so I feel more comfortable at the gym.”

This whole, one-day, some-day mentality is definitely stemming from our fears, which when combined with our ED is a receipe for disaster and furthermore, for living a life you don’t truly love living.

That’s the thing though, ED doesn’t care about having you live a life you truly want to live.

All ED cares about is rules, regulations, guidelines and lists for you to follow which keeps you further and further away from what you truly want in life and who you truly want to be.

In order to no longer allow ED to cause you to keep turning to the food as a form of self-sabotage, as a way to overcome the uncomfortable feelings and/or to ultimately keep you from what you truly want your life to be like I would, I would like you to answer these important questions.

  1. What does food mean to you?
  2. How do you see food during this time of year? Does it shift into something different or does it stay the same? Why?
  3. Do you have particular food rules that show up during this time of year? Or do you let go of some rules, saying things such as: “Well I am will just start fresh on January 1st?”
  4. What are you truly scared of attaining that causes you to make food choices that keep you further away from truly loving and accepting your body?

I believe that these are excellent questions to answer during this time of year and especially before the new year starts.

  • How do you want your 2014 to look like?
  • How do you want your relationship with food & your body to look like

Decide this now and commit to achieving that- You are truly deserving of this, whether or not ED agrees.

I would love to hear your answers on this blog!

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