From time to time, we all get a little down and though it’s in our human nature to feel this way, it can definitely interfere with achieving our goals. If you allow them to, negative thoughts can fester and lead to serious depression. That’s why it’s important to take action early to bust yourself out of a slump. So, the next time you are feeling down, consider these five self-care tips.



1.Embrace Your Alone Time
No one should love you or appreciate your hard work more than you do. There is nothing better than spending a day with yourself. Embracing your alone time to take account of everything you love doing will make you happy.

2. Don’t Ever Change For Anyone
Compromise in relationships is one thing, but you should never change who you are because you want to be loved and appreciated. Being your authentic self will ensure that you are authentically happy.

3. Take A Nap
Taking a couple hours to fall asleep has some serious health benefits. An occasional nap can reduce your overall stress levels as well as improve your focus, emotional stability and productivity.

4. Play Some Music
I like listening to empowering songs (for a list of my favourite songs, see my earlier blog here), but you might have your own brand of feel-good music. Whatever it is, crank it up, and let yourself move to the beat. It may just be what the doctor ordered.

5. Move Your Body
You might not be in the mood for exercise, but if you do it, you’ll feel better. Whatever it is you do to get moving— get out and do it. You don’t need to do a real hard workout, but the simple act of exercise can brighten your mood immediately.

Remember these tips each time you are feeling in a way that you don’t want to feel or when you are getting results you don’t want. Trust me. They work.

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